Why wine?

I first connected with wine in the early ‘90s living in the Bay Area. I got to know Cathy Corison, Art and Bunnie Finkelstein of Judd’s Hill and many of the incredible early winemakers and iconoclasts of Napa and Sonoma.

At that time, European wine to me was Brunello and Rossos from Montelcino. I had never heard of nor thought about natural wines and my understanding of the craft of wine was sparse at best.

I spent countless hours in the kitchens, barns and cellars of wine markers in California. I was never drawn to big wineries or tasting rooms. I was interested in the human touch with people who brimmed over with their love of the vines and lore of making wine.

Roll the clock forward two decades and into the third year of this wine blog.

My passion for wine as a connector to culture and people and passion has accelerated. Almost out of control.

It’s been deepened by my exposure to wine from all over Europe. By an appreciation of how wine is made. By true friendships and a sense of community with winemakers, wine shop owners and wine bloggers from all over the globe. And inspired by my belief in a natural and non-interventionist approach to winemaking as a true connection to terroir, people and place.

I hope you enjoy this blog and share your views. It’s great getting to know you in the comments.

I write this blog because I truly love the possibilities of connecting to people through this amazing beverage. So complex…yet so visceral and basic and simple. Pure enjoyment for the mind and body.

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